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Seasonal Flowers

Flower season begins

We just got our awnings up in time to receive our first order of annual flowers and vegetables. Within the next few weeks, our company will be installing them, but we will have more annuals coming… Give us a call today and so we can schedule our design expert to come and build a plan for your home or property.  Each year, we will be rotating design/flowers to give variety and help beautify your property.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of plants and all kinds of colors!


We have also been preparing for the summer by burning ditches and putting up new fences.

Spring is Here!

The tulips are sprouting!

April 8, 2019

I think it’s safe to say that things are finally thawed out for the year. It sure was cold this past winter! Consistent negative degree weather with strong winds isn’t my ideal kind of winter.


Now that things are warming up again, we are able to get back to working outside without freezing! Spring work keeps us all busy from trimming trees and aerating lawns, to pruning roses and planting pansies- It is enough to keep us out of trouble!


As a follow up, Lydia is a year old! It’s nearly impossible to believe a year has already gone by so quickly. She is walking- nearly running! -and still loves to smile, lighting up the room. We love her more than we thought imaginable.


Additionally, since our last post, our crew members have been studying hard this past winter to become certified in spraying chemicals as well as becoming certified arborists. We are confident that education is the key to maintaining pristine properties; thus bringing more to the table for our customers. We are excited to begin the 2019 season! Look back for monthly updates

New Adventures!

Well, it’s been a while since we last made a post concerning our business ventures- it’s long overdue! First and most importantly is the newest addition to our family: Lydia was born mid April and brings smiles wherever she goes!

S6 Enterprises has been busy this summer; with more changes being made to the business. We are now branching out (pun intended) 🙂 to additional services encompassing membership opportunities.

These memberships are designed to build lasting relationships with our customers and, to help in a long term plan of maintaining and perfecting the overall property.

Along with starting these membership offers and keeping up with all of that work, it has been a busy season on the farm: irrigating, cutting and baling hay, checking calves, starting an in-house nursery, and repairing and maintaining a lot of equipment!