The Farm


The farm was purchased back in the early 1900’s making it a 4 generation farmstead; not unusual for farms and ranches here in Montana.

S6 is a cattle and horse brand, created by my father Scott Smith back in the early 80’s. After returning home from college, I thought the S6 brand made for a great logo, simply because the brand itself is unique. It is a single character brand, where today, to register a brand requires 3 characters. It also holds special meaning to me in that it was created by my Father- and to me represents hard work, ingenuity and craftsmanship. When a product or service has the S6 brand on it- I know it was done right and to the highest quality.

Where we call our home “the farm”- it really isn’t a farm in today’s terms of large tracts of land. We still, however, put up a bit of hay and run animals on the place, but overall it is a great place to raise a family allowing for the same principles that have worked so well in the past 100 years to apply to the upcoming generation,  allowing them the opportunity to learn responsibility and expound on the their creativity. We hope that as the businesses continue to grow so we can help more individuals in our area and give back by offering great products and services.


Joshua Smith

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