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S6 Trees has been around since 2014 where after college Josh decided to continue the skills and knowledge he gained while working under a Master Arborist in Idaho. He later became an ISA Certified Arborist once he felt he had gained enough experience while in the field. The main interests are canopy work and root health with firewood following close behind.

Tree Inventory & Fees

$2/Mile Travel Fee for onsite Tree Inventory- Waived once work is scheduled

You will receive an onsite tree inventory (Estimate) which both parties will have in order to reference backĀ on for future work

While on your property, we will give our recommendations for services needing done or suggestions

If you are just looking for a free estimate, we encourage you to fill out our estimate form

We suggest most work to be scheduled in dormancy of the plants (Fall through Spring) exceptions apply


Joshua Smith

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