It sure has gotten hot the past few weeks, but we have still been working hard on ground maintenance and a few home projects, along with getting hay up and shipped.

One of our home projects was starting our garden this year. Here is a before picture (Lydia is holding a worm- Mom’s preventing her from putting it in her mouth):

And look at it now!

We have corn, cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, spaghetti squash, beans, strawberries, and pumpkin. I think they’re doing well for our first year!

This is an example of our pickings- Lydia is eating the strawberry and the cabbage is pretty big.

This is a flower bed we put in as well. I love the colors!

One day as Josh was out irrigating, he found a huge carp to bring home. Lydia wasn’t too impressed with it- probably because it was nearly as big as she was! 🙂

More adventures to come in August!



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