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Firewood Grades

I thought that I would take a minute and describe our different firewood grades- and a quick description of pros and cons to each-

High Grade- Hardwoods- This wood has the highest btu/heat output- It last longer in the stove-Can be harder to get started in the stove but once started it takes less wood to heat an area than the other grades

High Grade- Fruitwoods- This wood is cleaner burning; great for taste; smoking

Mid Grade-This has a great smell; hotter initial output; doesn’t last as long in the stove- More creosote buildup than high and low grade; but it crackles like pine in known to

Low grade- is more abundant in this area hence the lower cost; less creosote- slightly lower output of heat unless stove is full; longer and cleaner burning than the mid grade; steady heat; can have slightly more ash build up; Great wood to heat a home

I personally suggest that if you have a wood burning stove- trying a 2 to 1 ratio (2 cords Low Grade/ 1 cord Pine) By mixing these two you can utilize the hot quick burn of pine to get the low grade going well- which will have a longer burn time and leave you with a pan of coals in the morning.

Another suggestion if you are only burning pine or Mid grade- Every 3 cords or so- try burning a half cord of our High Grade (Hardwoods); because the hardwoods are cleaner and hotter burning it will help reduce the buildup of creosote in the chimney. Inspect and clean the chimney a couple times during the season to be sure things look good for continued burning.

Winter 2020

We had a busy winter processing and delivering orders; This picture was from a great customer (Professional Photographer) who captured the moment. This is a 1/3 cord box we call it. It is something new we started- makes it easy for the customers who don’t want to really have to touch the wood much when they buy it. Overall it was a great winter- thanks to everyone for your business!