Seasoned Firewood


High Grade

$ 500

per cord

Ash, Elm, Locust, Oak etc

Half Cord ($300) Pallet

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Mid Grade

$ 260

per cord

Pine, Spruce, Evergreen

Half Cord ($200) Pallet



$ 200

per cord

Poplar, Cottonwood, Aspen, Willow, etc.

Half Cord ($170) Pallet

All wood is cut to length (16″) and split, unless customer requests otherwise.

$2/Loaded Mile Delivery Fee (Dry conditions)

$4/loaded mile otherwise

A $10 fee applies for pallets; reimbursable upon return

Loose Firewood

Our bulk split firewood is measured at 170 cubic ft. tossed, an increase in volume to make up for loss in airspace when stacked.

The Load of loose wood is dumped onto property- We need to be able to drive to location in order to dump- if not, additional fees apply

Low and Medium Firewood in bulk is processed upon request- Call for further clarification

Low Grade= $200/loose cord

Mid Grade= $260/loose cord

High Grade=$500/loose cord (Hardwoods)

High Grade= $600/loose cord (Fruitwoods for smoking)

$20 extra/cord for seasoned Firewood (Low & Medium Grade)

Bulk wood (Low Grade & Mid Grade) needs to sit when stacked in order to season- we recommend purchasing a few months prior to burning to give wood sufficient time to get down to desirable moisture content ( 15-18%). Wood when processed is an average moisture content of  18-30%

Home Delivery 

1/4 cord of firewood delivered, and set on site at your location. We have to be able to fit though a 3.5ft gate.

$85/ Low grade

$100/ Mid Grade

$150/ High grade (Hardwoods)

$175/ High grade (Fruitwoods for smoking)

All wood is dry and ready to burn (Average moisture content= 15%

Palletized Firewood

Palletized Firewood=  This measures 4.333’x4.333’x3.5′ (Half cord)- It will fit in the back of most trucks; If you are wanting it delivered and set somewhere, we would recommend using our 1/4 cord option or loose firewood

A $10 fee applies for pallets; reimbursable upon return

Great for pick up

$170/Pallet Low grade

$200/Pallet Mid Grade

$300/Pallet High Grade (Hardwoods)

$350/Pallet High Grade (Fruit Woods)

All wood is dry and ready to burn (Average moisture content= 15%

Cut Rounds 

Low Grade Only

Rounds are stacked at less volume than 128 cubic ft- making up for the difference when split and stacked.

Wood will need to be split and stacked in order to obtain desired moisture content for burning

$150/per cord Low grade

Firewood Bundles 

Bundles (16″x 16″x 16″) 3.375 cubic feet

Mid grade $15

High grade- Hardwoods- $30

High grade- Fruit woods; etc $40


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