Below are a few of the tree trimming services we have specialized in over the years.  Call or email with any questions, or to schedule a tree inventory.

Dead Mitigation is where we trim only dead or diseased branches, allowing for better light availability to live limbs and improve airflow in the canopy.

Crown Thinning is where we trim live branches in the trees canopy, which helps decrease the chance of bugs, increase light availability, and decrease the chances of storm damage by allowing wind and snow to pass through.

Crown Reduction is where we make pruning cuts to decrease a branches length, allowing us to save a tree which is often too tall or large for its needed water and nutrient requirements.

Structural Pruning is where we trim according to the trees structural requirements in order for it to grow large and strong.

We use an arial lift that goes 65′ and weighs only 6000lbs x 7’wide with turf friendly tires. This machine allows us to get into tight places that a bucket truck can not; this along with our ability to climb allows us to access a trees canopy and do a quality job.

Spruce tree Before (Climbed with ropes- Dead Mitigation)

Spruce tree After

This Ash tree had a combination of Dead Mitigation, along with Crown Thinning

Harnessed in and doing a clean out (Dead Mitigation/Structural Pruning) of the trees canopy


Lindens (Dead Mitigation; Crown Thinning, Structural Pruning)