Tree Care

Yearly Maintenance

Yearly Tree Maintenance

We do things a bit different than other tree care companies.

-We work within your yearly budget and establish a program that fits the trees needs as well as yours

– We rotate out different services that are needed to make your tree happy and healthy

– Isa certified

– Specialized in root care, fixing problems such as improper planting, girdling roots, and poor soil quality

– We can actually climb your tree, by using proper climbing techniques we offer this quality service. It’s more work but it’s the best way to do it right

– We focus on trees with a dbh less than 30. Most trees in the Billings area are in need of structural pruning to prevent damage or failure later on in years.

– Tree Replacement

Tree Trimming

With our skilled climbing professionals, we will maintain your trees through proper trimming & pruning methods.

  • Structural Pruning
  • Dead Mitigation
  • Thinning, Cleaning


Tree Care

Deep Root Fertilizing

Property owners with shrubs or trees can assist in the preventative health and overall vitality of their plants by using a slow release fertilizer, which can be applied once a year with our help.

Root excavation

Problems such as basal rot and girdling roots can often emerge when trees are planted incorrectly. We can help correct the stress on your trees by uncovering any hidden issues beneath the soil using our air-spade tool.

We provide vertical and radial tree root mulching

If you think your tree was planted incorrectly let us come and take a look

Is your tree dying from the top down. Probably caused due to improper planting. Girdling (stem)

Hard packed soil? Many trees are being planted in poor quality soil causing root decline,

Combined with excess irrigation tree roots can’t thrive. If you have scorched (brown tipped leaves) check your soil saturation first,

Having a mulched bed around your tree has many benefits including water retention in drought situations which we are seeing here in Billings Mt, but over watering only causes further problems

Mechanical damage from mowing. Trimming, etc can be prevented by installing tree rings

Natural bark is better than rock beds. Rock beds don’t blow away but don’t offer the benefits of mulch, if there is no other option the trees need to be on a health program

By fracking the soil when planting trees in poor soil, tree vitality will increase and the roots will establish themselves much quicker than if left alone

In Billings Montana, Moisture levels in the soils are to low to cause wire baskets to simply dissolve over time. We were on a property the other day that was planted 20 years ago, and the crates and metal baskets they came in were still intake. Nothing changed over 20 years. Don’t let landscapers and landscape architects fool you. This property was on the west end of Billings.

If the tree is a b&b and your worried about damaging the roots. When you over escavate, even if you cut the basket down to the base of the hole and help the roots  go out, it’s better than just throwing the tree in. Some b&b trees are in their baskets for longer than intended, and therefore need extra care cutting as much of the ingulfed basket out as possible.  Baskets will cause stem root girdling and kill the tree as the tree grows. Baskets purpose is intended to transport the tree not be in the ground

I’ve heard a lot of excuses about why trees are planted how they are, most of them come back to laziness and it ignorance on the contractors part

Tree decline won’t be seen for a few years after being planted incorrectly. Most trees can survive on the root system they come in for about 2 to 3 years




Tree Bracing & Cabling

Due to improper pruning methods or mismanagement in the early stages of the trees development. Preventive measures such as cabling and bracing are highly recommended in order to prevent against tree failure which can cause harm to pedestrians, and or property.

When properly installed- the system should be inspected periodically to assure proper installation and adjustments to prevent girdling the tree



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