Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Firewood

Low Grade ($150/cord) Cottonwood, Elm, Willow, Elder, Aspen, Russian Olive


High Grade($300/Cord) Ash, Maple, Fruit Wood

($10 discount per cord if you pick up and haul yourself!)

Bundled Firewood

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Each bundle is approximately 3.38 cubic feet (50 lbs)- banded for easy handling and convenience in providing a small yet feasible amount of seasoned firewood for your backyard fire bowls and out of town camping trips.

Low Grade: $10/Bundle

Mid Grade: $15/Bundle

High Grade: $25/Bundle (Great for smoking meat!)IMG_4322

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 Seasoned Firewood on Pallet!

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The idea came while we were splitting, stacking and delivering cords and cords of firewood- we thought surely there has to be a better method that can save time, money and energy, and still provide a way for all to benefit! The Pallet method allows customers to get more for their buck! Each Pallet is featured with 3 rows of tensioned firewood, and has  2 wraps of shrink wrap to prevent any shifting while transporting- and for your safety!IMG_4325 copyPallets are only built upon request using the order form

We charge $50/cord to stack and band the wood on pallet

If you have a trailer and the means of unloading a pallet we would highly recommend this method. If not, don’t worry we have more options!

A cord is a measured (4’x4’x8′) Using our pallet method, customers receive an exact half a cord of seasoned Firewood. (4’x4’x4′)

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We will deliver for free within a 5 Mile Radius of our Location. Outside of the radius we charge an additional $2 per loaded Mile. Stacking costs for trailer delivery is $65 per cord.

5904 Twelve Mile Rd. Billings MT, 59105 (Refer to the Contact Tab)